a word from the editors

by Kelsey Willis & Selina Wabl

a word from the editors:

paraprosdokian (plural paraprosdokians)

Figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected; frequently used in a humorous situation. "Where there's a will, I want to be in it" is a paraprosdokian.


from Ancient Greek παρά (para, "against")  + προσδοκία (prosodokia, "expectation")




Within the already close-knit school of architecture, we are proud to have found our pizza-gobbling niche in the
upper floors of Richardson Memorial Hall. We are deeply thankful to our team for all the excitement and care
brought to our haphazard meetings, and dream about actually building every crazy installation we discussed
over the past weeks.

Though this issue is really just a few pieces of paper stapled together, editing and organizing this project was
a constant reminder of the inherently personal nature of writing. Early on, we decided on a stance to actively
welcome controversy and discourse about the life of students today. This is easier said than done. We wish that
we had an endless page count to hear the unique stories and thoughts of every student in this school. In this issue, we have just a few, reflecting on childhood, adulthood, and all the complex things in between.



Here are a few core “ideas” we try to incorporate into our work:

  • We believe that every minute spent not sitting at a drafting table or a computer is worth celebrating, and also worth learning from.
  • We balance on the line between not taking ourselves too seriously while simultaneously giving people a space to voice the thoughts - big or small - they’ve been thinkin’.
  • We always welcome and respect new people who want to build a positive culture around creativity of all kinds.
  • And, of course, the ultimate law of summer camp: have fun.

So here we are: still working things out but already looking forward to a groovy round two. It took us a damned year to get an issue out the door, but after it all, this semester’sedition of The Charrette has been a labor of love.

<3, the editors